Reducing the Emission of Greenhouse Gases - R.Vaadhoo

After the completion of the project, VAFD association was able to install and manage the project for the island community. The technical staffs were able to service and do the maintenance work. In addition, VAFD is able to sell the production to the island council and gain income through this facility. The local power plant, FENAKA Vaadhoo branch is able to reduce its electricity production via diesel, reducing the expense on diesel and carbon emissions. 

Vaadhoo solar energy project is expected to produce electricity over a decade. Solar energy systems have a very low maintenance cost. Replacements are very rare, hence, VAFD and the Maldivian economy can enjoy the low maintenance cost for free energy for ages to come. The reduction of 33.3 kg of CO2 on an average sunny day would reduce nearly 9000 kg of CO2 annually. This is a huge contribution to the environment on a long term prospective

ISLAND : R. Vaadhoo, Maldives

PROJECT : Global Environment Facility Small Grants Project

PROPONENT : Vaadhoo Association for Future Development (VAFD)