Film for Change

Film for change is a special program aimed at the youth interested in movie making. The program aims to create interest for the creative arts industry and to make youth aware of the common issues and make them capable of finding solutions to those through making movies on their own. Movies in the program are based on the different issues arising in the Maldivian community. Movie themes belonged to the sustainable development goals in the UNDP agenda.

Special training sessions were held from August 16 – 23 in order to prepare participants for the “Film for Change” program.

The Maldives is a young democracy attempting to build on considerable economic and human development gains, but simultaneously still challenged by deep socio-economic, environmental and political issues. This project will provide young people in local communities with the necessary technical and creative skills on the art of producing short films with minimal inexpensive equipment. It will be an alternative medium to stimulate dialogue on different issues with decision makers and other members of the community.