North Province

Foster Active Citizenship
Island Kendhikulhudhoo
Project The project run by Friends AID
Proponent Friends Aid
Description The project run by Friends AID is designed as a community based business venture, in which a aquaculture of mangrove crab (Scylla serrata) nursing, fattening is integrated with rehabilitation of mangroves. Community were trained on nursing, fattening, feeding, handling, storage and marketing, food preparation from Crabs, operating tours & location marketing to tourists. It also consists of facilitating local councils to establish a mechanism for leasing mangroves on an eco-friendly basis. Aquaculture integrated with mangroves also will lead to restoration and higher growth rate of mangroves and project covers monitoring of these aspects while promoting best applicable aquaculture methods in Maldives. Continuous monitoring and evaluation of mangrove restoration and growth of aquaculture will be part of the projects continuing system.