Make My Island Annual Gathering 2018

The Annual Gathering which was held on December 13th 2019 at Hotel Jen highlighted the projects implemented during the year and the future plans for the Make My Island Platform. 

The event was initiated by UNDP Resident Representative Ms Shoko Noda, in which she highlighted "Private sector partners can play a critical role in realizing SDGs. Since its launch in 2016, 'Make My Island' has matched community ideas with your expertise to develop local solutions to their everyday challenges". 

The private sector partnership moving into 2019, would focus on three main Projects focusing on various SDGs. The three areas are:

1. Smart Cities
2. Climate Action
3. Youth Engagement and Empowerment.

Speaking at the event Ms. Noora Zahir, Ooredoo Maldives highlighted, "Be it a simple video spot transforming the way people react to a person with disability, or when applications developed under Urban Innovation Challenge are being considered as nationwide tools; its fulfilling and it drives us to do more". 

Mr. Niushad Shareef, Allied Insurance came on to stage as one of our newest partner, "We are proud today to have a CSR program which is working towards two SDGs, Reducing Inequalities and Quality Education".

Mr. Mohamed Mirshan, Dhiraagu Plc," We are delighted with the close collaboration and partnership we have with UNDP and on what we have been able to achieve together, bringing together global perspectives and local insight in our work towards achieving SDGs".

The year 2019 looks bright with the current secured partnerships that were announced on the event date, including the second phase of Smart Cities with Ooredoo Maldives and the second Phase of Climate Action with Dhiraagu Plc.


Ms. Shoko Noda also emphasized on the crowdfunding platform through which the funds raised are used to work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal SDG 13.


The highlight of the event was the launching of the fourth edition of ISLAND LIFE Magazine. The issues included stories about the power of partnerships to preserve our oceans and take Climate Action. 


Looking for a brighter year with our Private Sector Partners, We wish all readers a blessed and Happy year ahead.