Film for change in Partnership with Dhiraagu brings exciting short films for a second time on 2nd August 2018

This year ‘Film for Change’ in partnership with Dhiraagu launched on 21st June 2018, with ongoing mentoring session until, 2nd August 2018. A total 19 participants took part in the event, and four leading institutes in the industries joined in as mentors. The mentors included ”Streak Studio”, “Sikundi Corp”, R Squared” and “Orkeyz Inc”.

This initiative same as last year was focused on providing a platform and empowering youth to form narratives on issues of social significance in Maldives through the medium of films. 

The project was designed to provide young people with the necessary technical and creative skills on writing, directing and producing documentary-style short films using minimal equipment. The purpose was to stimulate dialogue on different social issues amongst young people, decision makers and the wider community.

This year the learning content was based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, same as last year. The participants were divided into four groups and the SDGs given were SDG4:  Quality Education, SDG5: Gender Equality, SDG13: Climate Action and SDG14: Life Below Water.

After a period of  30 days the final short films were ready to be broadcasted on 2nd August 2018. The initial screening took place in Shwack Cinema, Hulhumale, with a second screening followed on the same day. The screening of each film was concluded with a Q&A session where the teams answered questions based on their films.     

Four more screening took place in various café’s in the capital city Male’ and at the Maldives National University during the following week. These screenings attracted a huge audience and also helped in raising awareness on the social issues from an SDG perspective among the youth of Maldives. 

The 4 short films produced by the talented groups of youth, namely “Kuda”, “Vilunoo”, “Nama” and “Billah” displayed their notable creativity, In addition the crowded audience at all the screenings and the work that was done promoting these short films by the participants was proof that the youth of our nation can stimulate change in our society.