Miyaheli is an event focused on tackling social issues in Maldives. This year the third camp of the series took place in Plumeria, Vaavu Thinadhoo with 20 participants from different areas of Maldives. Ooredoo Maldives partnered for the third time and made this event a success by providing an interesting and new set of prizes for the winners. 

There were more than 15 ideas presented on the day of the pitching, from which four were selected. The four ideas were worked on in groups of 4- 5 participants pre and during the camp. The four ideas tackled important social issues and were presented really well by all participants. 

Winning Ideas were:

1. Paradise Salt - producing sea salt locally

2. We Share - a platform to share pre-loved goods in Maldives

the two other ideas presented were:

3. Fish Snap - A datatbase of fish with snap and scan service avaialbale for user.

4. Team Wow - an online platform to help women going through domestic problems. 

From the first day, when the idea was initially pitched, until the final pitch, the ideas evolved into a beautiful plan with the guidance of the mentors and the dedication by all the participants. Youths from different backgrounds, identifies unique problems and ways to tackle these problems. Miyaheli brings together diverse groups of youths onto the same platform to discuss, interact and work together to bring a solution to these problems.